Escape Hilo presents...

Jungle Mystery Escape Room!

Recover a lost family heirloom before your time expires. You have 60 minutes to solve your way out
Recover a lost heirloom before your time expires. You have 60 minutes to answer puzzles, find clues, and solve your way out! Perfect for friends and families!
Come and experience the popular physical adventure game right here in Downtown Hilo at the historic S.Hata Building! Escape Hilo is a unique experience that combines history, adventure, and fun all wrapped up in a popular "Escape Room" format. Upon arrival get debriefed and enter a room to solve your mission. You have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes before your time runs out.
Escape hilo presents...

YOUR MISSION: Escape Hilo's Jungle Mystery Escape Room

Your group has 1 hour to escape!
There are clues hidden throughout the game room that help guide your next decision
Keys are used to progress to the next puzzle, can you find them all before time runs out?
Solve your way through the Jungle Themed Escape Room by using your wits and creativity
Can you and your group solve all the puzzles before time runs out?

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Awesome game, awesome time. This was my first time playing and what I had envisioned it to be; it was exactly that. It was exciting, challenging, and completely well thought out. - Holly

The experience was amazing. Unlike anything else in Hilo. Definitely would recommend to any locals or anyone visiting the island. - Elias

We have done a couple of Escape Rooms before and this one was really ingenious, and challenging enough to be fun but not too hard. A great way to spend an hour in Hilo! - Jim
Experience Big Island's Escape Room: Jungle Mystery

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With over 100 reviews on Google Maps, Escape Hilo continues to craft a unique novelty experience for everyone
Escape Hilo provided my sister and I a great experience! Did we escape? No. However, we both had a blast running around, solving clues, and jump scared by the animatronics. Our host Ryan is fantastic at his job too. His exuberant attitude made our visit worthwhile portraying what excellent local hospitality is. His personality is a vibe. We both highly recommend that anyone who is either tourist or local to come escape.
Good luck!
Ramses G.Escape RoomTestimonial 1
imageHilo, Hawaii
Escape RoomTestimonial 1Julie R.image Our family had an absolute blast!! The escape room was super well done, a perfect mix of challenges & fun. The owner Ryan has to be one of the nicest people on the planet, making our experience even more fun :) I would definitely recommend! Hilo, Hawaii
Escape RoomTestimonial 1Tiffany PlagenzaimageWe escaped! This was the most fun we have had with a great challenge. We came to Hilo, Hawaii just to visit this escape room after attempting to escape the Samurai room 2 years ago. 5 star experience.Hilo, Hawaii
What a cool place. Every escape room has its own uniqueness. This one did not disappoint. The game master is really cool and exciting. The theme is great. Can’t give away any details or it will ruin the fun. Definitely recommend.Brandon HoffmanEscape RoomTestimonial 1
Five Stars on Google - Escape Hilo, Hawaii. Reachable from Kona.Hilo, Hawaii
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