Escape Hilo is Hawaii Island's first "Escape Game" where you enter a room, find clues, and solve puzzles to accomplish a mission within 60 minutes. Depending upon the game, participants may be transported back in time or taken on a journey into a mythical land. Escape games are not computer games or simulations. Everything is real but high tech gadgetry is sometimes woven into the game making things really fun.
How many players can play?
The rooms are designed to accommodate between 2-8 people.
What makes Escape Hilo different?
What makes Escape Hilo different from other escape games is that our themes are very specific to the island of Hawaii and are designed so that players learn a little bit while they are having fun. For example, our Plantation Mystery game was carefully researched including discussions with museum curators so that we could most accurately depict early plantation life in Hawaii. We also have some unique challenges that we are sure even seasoned players have never seen before.
How old do you need to be to play the game?
The puzzles and challenges in the game are designed for participants 12 and older. Participants 17 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Are you available for team building or other special events?
Yes. Please email us for more information.
How early should I arrive for my game?
Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game. Games will begin at their start time.
Will you physically be locked in a room?
Our current themes do not involve locking participants in any of the rooms. Participants can exit a room at any time but once you exit you cannot re-enter unless by special permission by the game master.
Do you offer refunds?
All of our games are non-refundable but we do allow you to reschedule a game if you give us at least 24 hours notice.
How do I pay?
All games are booked ahead of time online with a credit card. No cash payments are accepted.